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Pre-purchase Inspections

We can liase directly with the real estate agent to gain access to the property and you are welcome at the inspection.

Pre-Auction Inspections

This is a visual inspection where we will walk & talk through the property with you and verbally point out possible defects.

Mid-build Inspections

This inspection is undertaken during the construction of a new build or renovation.

Home Open Opinions

This is a visual inspection where we will walk and talk through the property with you. We will give you our opinion based on your ideas

Handover Inspections

This inspection is conducted before the final papers are signed and your new house is yours.

Vendor Inspections

This inspection is done prior to putting your house on the market. We will detail defects that should be fixed prior to selling your house.





We are a small family owned business with a passion for the everything within the building industry. We are highly qualified and respected in the industry with a family history of close to 100 years. We pride ourselves in offering a service to the best of our ability and consider our work tgo be that of the highest standard. 

Not only do we offer your standard pre-purchase building inspection but we have decided to step up a level with our service. Here at J & E Property Inspections and Developments we will come to a home open with you & give our opinion to the best of our knowledge on the property both structurally and visually. This will allow you to make the right decision based on your needs and ideas before you buy your future home. Whether you are buying it to live in as is, to extend, renovate or bulldoze to develop, we will use our experience to lead you in the right direction to best suit you.

Your future home is in our best interest and we will be there every step of the way to guide you through making the decisions. Our service doesn't stop at emailing you the report as we are happy to have follow up phone call if you have any questions.

Services we provide:

• Pre-purchase Inspections

• Mid-build Inspections

• Handover Inspections

• Pre-Auction Inspections

• Home Open opinions

• Vendor Inspections (for pre sale)

• Project Management Service



For any inquiries please call 0413470438

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